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About Camphill


The Camphill Movement was founded in 1940 by Dr Karl Koenig, an Austrian paediatrician.  He and a group of dedicated Austrian refugees settled outside of Aberdeen with a specific purpose based on the work of Rudolf Steiner: live with, care for and educate children with special needs using an integrated approach to health, education and social care.  It takes its name from Camphill House, in Aberdeen, Scotland, where the first community was established in 1940.


For over 70 years, independent Camphill charities have developed pioneering work in community building and care for vulnerable children, young people and adults. There are now more than 100 Camphill communities in more than 20 countries across the world.  60 of these communities are in the UK and Ireland.


Camphill Ethos


What makes Camphill communities different is the emphasis on mutual support. That’s because Camphill recognises that everyone has abilities and empowers and supports all individuals to use their particular abilities in their communities.


Everyone contributes to community life and the well-being of fellow community members in his or her own way. Mutual support is fundamental to the day to day running of the Camphill community.


Being part of a Camphill community involves sharing life with others in the household, in learning areas, in work, and in social, cultural and spiritual activities. Being an integral part of a community brings confidence, self respect and the knowledge that each individual’s contribution (however small) is valued by others.


This should lead to real inclusion in a real community. Equality and inclusion is implicit in our approach to living and working.

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