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Volunteer Testimonial

“Simeon House is a home”


With everything we do in life we build we build or create expectations. Whether it is on a daily basis, or in a life changing situation we are always drawn to picture how things are going to turn out, and what we will be able to take from it.

Coming to Simeon in 2022, I had a head full of dreams, and a heart in the process of repair which I believe was true for many people after the pandemic.

Since the day I arrived here from Brazil, I felt that this was the right place to be. From the staff to residents, international or local volunteers, everyone embraces you, and counts you as part of the team, just as special as anyone.

I wasn’t just an international volunteer, I was part of something bigger, part of something that matters. Everyday, I was going to bed with the feeling that I was doing something with meaning, my days at Simeon was worth it. Living alongside the residents, being part of the community made me feel even more welcome. Having the chance of getting life advice from all my grandpas or grandmas or enjoying many laughs with my fellow volunteers and housemates was definitely the highlight of my time at Simeon.

The fact you get to live and work among people from all over the world is unmeasurable and unspeakable experience. Seriously, you’ve got to see it for yourself!

Taking place in all the special events, celebrations, and activities was also the peak of my time at Simeon. Being able to make people laugh, while you were having fun with your friends, what a blast!

The year that you’ve got to spend as a volunteer can easily turn into one of the best years of your life if you allow yourself to enjoy everything that comes your way. 

As I wrote before “Simeon House is a Home”, not only for the residents but for anyone who embraces it.

Friends are the family you choose with your heart, and my Simeon friends are definitely my Scottish family.

Obrigada! (Thanks!)

Beatriz Da Silva

Brazilian Volunteer

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