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What documentation will I require?

Before volunteering with Simeon you will need to submit an application (Find Here)
Applications will be reviewed by the General Manager, if your application meets the criteria, you will
be invited to interview (online). You will then be informed in writing of the outcome of the

Applicants must have a good understanding of English, both speaking and understanding.

If successful you will be required to provide:

 a certificate of good conduct (police check) from your country
 a copy of a valid passport (valid for the duration of your stay)
 two references either from an employer or educational setting
 TB testing (if applicable ) Please check if this is a requirement from the country you are
arriving from.

Volunteers are required to cover all travel costs to and from volunteer placement and all fees
associated with your visa application and Immigration Health Surcharge.

The Administrator at Simeon will assist you will this process should you require.

Where will I live while at Simeon?

You will have your own furnished room within Simeon or in our private detached house just 2
minutes’ walk from the main Simeon building, this includes shared bathroom facilities. We will
provide towels and linens. You will be able to do your laundry in Simeon and to make use of the
kitchen and communal spaces.

What is included while living at Simeon?

You are responsible for your travel costs to and from the community as well as for any visa
applications and associated costs.

While you are here, we will provide a small, monthly allowance to cover reasonable expenses.
It is a requirement that you have a bank account for these funds to be transferred to, for example
Revolut or Monzo.

We eat together with residents for three meals a day. The main midday meal and supper are
prepared by our cook. We cater for a variety of diets including vegetarian, vegan, and food

During your time off reasonable food items are available from our larder.

We do not have a uniform, so you will need to bring clothes that are suitable. We have a relaxed
dress code and encourage all staff and volunteers to be presentable and comfortable while at
Simeon. Jewellery is not permitted whilst on shift.

What will I do while at Simeon?

Please see our Volunteer Coworker description (Find Here) for full description of the role.

Is there Internet access at Simeon?

WiFi is available in each room, and you may bring your own laptop or tablet. You will be asked to
read and sign a Computer Use Agreement.

We do not allow mobile phones to be carried or used within the common areas of Simeon. Making
or answering calls, sending / receiving text messages or web browsing is not allowed during your
shift as per our Mobile phone policy.

Will my religious beliefs be respected?

Simeon life is based on Christian principles, however, you do not have to be a Christian to live and
work in Simeon, but you must feel able to support these activities which are of great importance to
the residents and the community. We respect the spiritual and religious orientation of each
individual that joins our community.

Do I need medical insurance?

We expect you to inform us of any health concerns or pre-existing conditions you may have before
you come. You will be able to register with our local NHS medical practice for the duration of your

Dental and optician’s treatment are NOT free of charge in the UK and can be expensive. Simeon will
NOT normally pay for these. Please see your dentist and optician and complete any treatments
before coming to the UK.

Simeon is insured for liability in case of any act of negligence. We also insure your personal
belongings in case of fire or theft, but please note that jewellery, and money are not covered by our
insurance. You should make your own provision for insurance when travelling.

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