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Why Volunteer with Us 

Volunteering with Simeon


Volunteering at Simeon is a very rewarding experience. Volunteers are a vital part to the service we provide and enhance the quality of life and wellbeing of our residents.

Some of our residents are very ill and frail and need a lot of physical care. Others are more independent and need support to maintain their independence. Volunteers can help them to do things like going for walks, playing games, and taking part in activities.


Part of your experience in Simeon will be to learn about living and working together as a team and helping to create a sense of home and community. It really is being part of one big family.

Volunteers help in all aspects of Simeon life, and are given guidance, support and training from our experienced staff members.

Should you wish to apply to Volunteer at Simeon Care please click the word box below.

Any questions or queries relating to volunteer applications can be directed to Jillian Birnie – Administrator –

Please note we do not accept short term volunteer placements or internships.

Please find the attached document that you would need to fill out to volunteer with us.

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